Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kostum Kuda Belang untuk Kanak-kanak (Simple DIY Zebra Costume for Kids)

Anak no 2 ada persembahan di sekolah.. membawa watak kuda belang, kostum mak kena buatkan.. nasib topeng tak payah buat.. jadi I pergi lah beli plain white t-shirt (terjumpa di Art Friend - The Curve dalam RM12.99 tak silap) lepas tu ingat nak potong2 tape hitam dan tampal je dekat baju tu.. sekali jalan2 kat Spotlight cari benda lain, terjumpa lah pulak kain corak zebra dijual dalam 70cm panjang gitu, dah siap potong2 I ingat I beli je kain tu, lepas tu potong2 jalur ikut pattern kain dan tampal kat baju dan seluar guna fabric glue) settle! hasilnya seperti di bawah: 

Bahagian depan baju _ bahagian belakang I biarkan kosong, malas.. haha

Ni seluar bahagian depan - leggings ni beli dekat fox kids tak silap

Ni seluar bahagian belakang - buat simple je sebab tak nak semak

Simple dan cepat!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Halal Breakfast in Perth - The Sarapan

Delicious halal Malaysian breakfast @ The Sarapan

Another long overdue post! that's what you get when you have a toddler around :p anyways, I was scrolling through my photos on my phone to make room for more photos and came across my photos of The Sarapan. Thought it would be a shame to just delete these without even blogging about it. 

So, here goes, we went to Perth sometime in April 2016 and stayed in a hotel, so definitely no cooking haha.. finding a halal restaurant that open for breakfast on a weekend is do-able but finding one that open on a weekday is very hard. 

So, by chance The Sarapan facebook page was suggested to me as I was searching for halal restaurants in Perth and coincidentally it was the weekend, so I told my husband that we are going to check it out the next day :)

Getting there was relatively easy, parking available at the roadside and we took the seats outside the restaurant so that the kids can run about outside. 

Beside The Sarapan

What else would you order for a Malaysian breakfast? Nasi Lemak and roti canai of course! We ordered Mee Rebus too :) oooh.. mustn't forget the teh tarik! Pardon the pics, it was taken with one hand holding the phone while the other fends off the baby's hands!

Halal Malaysian Breakfast in Perth @ The Sarapan

Food was nice, the picture of the Nasi Lemak does not do justice to the yummy fried chicken. We ordered eggs sunny side up as well since its more sinful that way haha. 

Teh tarik was humongous, both me and my husband couldn't finish it. We should have shared just one mug. 

halal breakfast in perth
Mee Rebus @ The Sarapan (teh tarik in the background got cut off)

The Roti Canai was a bit too oily for me but the kids ate it all up. Mee Rebus was also nice though not as nice as my mum's (hah! but then that's very subjective heh?) 

the sarapan perth
Makanan halal di Perth - Roti Canai @ The Sarapan

Hubby was so happy with breakfast that he suggested we come again the next day (Monday) and I'm like "Dear, this place only pops up during weekends." To which he replied "Well, we should have gone here on Saturday and Sunday then!" haha oklah Hubby, next trip yeah? 

The Sarapan is at :

1 Leonard Street, 
Victoria Park, 
Perth, Australia.

Map of the Sarapan: